Many of today’s high performing companies have increased productivity significantly and improved revenues...End result...Increased profitability...How?...By outsourcing functions to India...a preferred outsourcing destination by many of the most successful corporations in the world.

Managing an outsourced relationship is not easy. Whether you are a big corporate organisation or small to medium size company this exercise can be very time/resource consuming, and obstacles such as cultural differences make the relationship all the more complex.

This is where Growth Solution can assist. We remove these obstacles...How?...Clients’ projects are managed entirely by highly experienced UK/US professionals...we understand both the business processes in UK/US and the cultural differences in India.

We are an organisation that work with our clients and draft out strategies to ensure that their immediate, short term and long term goals are achieved in a very effective, efficient and professional manner, and getting it right first time is essential to the success of the venture.

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